Configuring Planning Server Fails

You may have a previous installation.  Check using inetmgr and service console. You must completely remove any previous installation and you should not see any PPS site and service running. Before you start the installation, make sure IIS is running.


What are PPS handicaps and limitations when using Excel 2003?

There is no change in PerformancePoint functionality in using Excel 2003 or Excel 2007.  Obviously users of Excel 2003 will not be able to take advantage of the great new business intelligence features in Excel 2007 or the PPS specific ribbon that we have built.  But as far as PPS goes, the server based functionality…


Why can’t I see member views in my form?

  Have you deployed the model? After creating your member views and deploying they will show up as hierarchies in the AS cube and in the authoring UI? You may also need to refresh your system data in excel if you have deployed the model after opening/connecting from excel.   (Refresh system data is the…


How do I preserve cell formatting in Excel 12?

If you are using Excel 12, and if any matrix style is used or the cell style of the data cell is changed, refresh will blow away the customer formatting and use the specified cell style instead.   In order to keep the customer formatting, user needs to set matrix style to “None” and use…