Launching ProClarity Professional from a PAS View within a PerformancePoint Dashboard

The “ProClarity Analytics Server Page” report type does not have an option for launching ProClarity Web Professional from the view.  If you want your users to have the option of launching Web Pro (like the standard ProClarity interface), then you can use a “Web Page” report.

An easy way to set up the Web Page report is to use a web browser to find the desired view on the PAS server, and then copy and paste the URL from your browser to the Web Page URL.  You may want to use the “uiConfig” options “tb;ht;” to hide the PAS tabs across the top of the screen and the briefing-book navigation icons.  This makes for a “cleaner” view while leaving the PAS toolbar enabled so users can launch Web Pro.

Here is an example URL with the “uiConfig” option set:




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Comments (6)

  1. The "ProClarity Analytics Server Page" report type does not have an option for launching ProClarity

  2. The link didnt work for me.  Can PPS integration with ProClarity and ProClarity extensions?

  3. Dmitri Safine says:

    How can I use PPS filters with WebPage report? Is it supposed to work? I tried and it didn’t work for me.

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Out of the box, filters will not work with URL report views unless you design a custom report view using the SDK to interpret the parameters.

  5. OGiuriol says:

    Which is the SDK I have to use?

    Can you publish an example of a custom report that permits to interpret the parameters?

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