What’s New for CTP4


Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 (CTP4) Monitoring and Analytics

The following Monitoring and Analytics features have been added to Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 (CTP4):


·         OLAP View Sorting/Filtering.  Users can now sort (by column) and filter empty rows/columns in Analytic Charts and Grids.

·         OLAP View Types.  Users can now switch between grids and charts and also change chart types (includes bar charts, stacked bar charts, stacked 100% bar charts, line charts and combined bar/line charts).

·         OLAP Member Properties in Grid.  Users can now add attributes of a member into the OLAP grid.

·         Cell Level Actions.  Users can now see the cell level actions behind a value in an OLAP grid or chart.

·         Export to PowerPoint.  SharePoint users can now export dashboard views to Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

·         Multiple Filters.  Users can now pass multiple dashboard filters to scorecards and report views.

·         Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services  Users can now add PerformancePoint Monitoring dashboard items to an existing SharePoint page through a new PerformancePoint Web Part.

Dashboard Designer

·         Dashboard Designer Ribbon Changes.  Usability improvements within the Dashboard Designer Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft® Office Fluent™ User Interface.

·         OLAP View Configuration.  Enables light configuration options on charts and grid (fonts, formats, chart legend placement, grid layout).

·         PAS Integration.  Users can now add PAS report views into their dashboards.

·         Time Intelligence KPI Filters.  Users can now add Time Intelligence expressions to individual KPIs.

·         Scorecard Filters.  Users can now  pass members from scorecards into report views. (Example:  Passing the KPI Name to an SSRS report.)

Excel Services Support

·         Excel Services as a Data Source. Users can now import tables or named ranges from Excel Services spreadsheets.


Alyson Powell Erwin (alysonp@microsoft.com)


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