Adding a Target Line to an Analytic Chart

If you want to add a constant line to an Analytic chart, such as a "Target" line, you can do it by adding a calculated measure to the query as described below:






1.       Create your view as you normally would using the Dashboard Designer

2.       Switch to the “Query” tab, and add a WITH MEMBER clause to the MDX, such as:


WITH MEMBER [Measures].[Target] As 0.04, FORMAT_STRING="0.0%"



{ DESCENDANTS( [Date].[Fiscal].[FY 2003], [Date].[Fiscal].[Month] ) }



{ [Measures].[Reseller Gross Profit Margin], [Measures].[Target] }



FROM [Adventure Works]


Note: Since you are now in "MDX Mode", some navigational options (such as Drill Down) will be disabled, however you will still be able to perform Drill to Detail and Actions on the chart.


Greg Bernhardt - PerformancePoint Program Manager (


Comments (3)

  1. Kurt Dhaene says:

    Dear Greg,

    Your article about adding a target line to an analytic chart was very helpful to me.

    However, I was struggling with one issue tough: my target is always shown as a Bar graph.

    Found out that the formatting of the target must be identical to the one of the variable to be able to show it as a line.

    Kind regards, Kurt

  2. Andy says:

    Very useful link.

    Is there a way to change the type of graph in use to say, a bar graph, but still have target line remain as a line?

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