How do I create a dashboard parameter that can drive multiple analytic views

You can create a 2-column list (either in SQL Server or Excel). The first column will be passed to the analytic view as the UniqueName parameter. The second column will be used as the caption displayed to the user on the scorecard.

For example this table:


Will show like this to the user:


The text in the first column, "X", will be passed as the UniqueName, which can be sent to an analytic chart or grid. Any other columns beyond the first 2 are ignored.

Step by Step

1. Create a data source "Import from Excel 2007 Workbook. "

2. On the View tab, click Edit in Excel.

3. Open the Workbook that you want to use

4. Make sure that each column is a Dimension type column. Only the first 2 columns will be used.

5. Create a parameterized report

6. Create a new dashboard

7. On the Parameter tab, create a new parameter of type Tabular Values.

8. Drag the parameterized analytic report you want to use on to the dashboard

9. Drag the newly created parameter onto the dashboard

10. Hook up the parameters by dragging the UniqueName of the parameter to the report you want to parameterize

11. A dialog is displayed, to choose the Target Endpoint, which should be the parameter you named in your report.

Comments (2)

  1. You can create a 2-column list (either in SQL Server or Excel). The first column will be passed to the

  2. Chipster says:

    This might give me just what I need for a scorecard I’m working on.  Would you please confirm or redirect me elsewhere?  The requested scorecard will have months across the top and KPI’s down the left side.  The idea is that if any KPI is clicked on (all will be counts) that the detail behind them would be presented in another "view" or window.  There’s a bit of a twist to this though – the detail needed to backup the individual KPIs will be different (i.e. columns returned).  Is the content of this post heading me in the right direction?  Thanks!

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