How do I use a ProClarity Analytics Server view in my PerformancePoint dashboard?

For the final release of PerformancePoint Server 2007, a PAS Report View will be available that will enable you to browse a PAS repository and select a view for inclusion in your PerformancePoint Dashboard. However, this functionality has not been added to the product yet so as an interim solution, you can create a URL report view as follows:

1. Navigate to the PAS page that you wish to include in your PerformancePoint dashboard. NOTE: you must open the page from the Contents tab in Analytics Server, you cannot use the navigation arrows on the page title bar.

2. From the address box, copy the page id of the view. Include the page= parameter and the trailing curly bracket.

3. In PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer create a new Web Page Report View.

4. In the URL box, construct the following URL, replacing the servername and the page id that you just copied.

http://servername/ PAS/en/src/PScorecard.html? page={11431FB6-4AA5-4F54-A4E0-24C114D71666}



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