How do I link a report to a KPI in a PerformancePoint Dashboard?

It is done in the Dashboard Designer. See steps below,

Since we have upgraded the Report View to the same status as the Scorecard, all of the linking of reports and KPI (for the Scorecard) are done in the Dashboard Builder. To link the views (assuming you want to do this for Conditional Display of the Repot View) do the following:

1. Create a new Dashboard

2. Add the Scorecard, and any reports you want to have added

3. Drag the Display Condition to the Report you want to set condition for.


4. Select which KPI that applies to this display condition

5. image

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  1. When setting up conditionally displayed report views the question often arises -"How do I set up a default

  2. csherrill says:

    How do you link to a report on a different dashboard page?

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