How does SharePoint need to be configured for use with the Monitoring Server?

Document Libraries

The SharePoint site(s) that you install PerformancePoint on must have at least one Document Library that is usable by PerformancePoint Monitoring Server as a place to deploy dashboards.


Some of the default “templates,” such as “Blank Site” and “Report Center,”that SharePoint uses do not include a document library, so if you use those templates, you will need to create a document library yourself.

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    Can you help me here?  I’m trying to deploy a pps dashboard that contains report Server elements.  The deployment is going to a Load Balance SharePoint.  When defining the Report Server element, which servername I need to use, load balance name or the physical name?  If physical name, then should I deploy on the physical server instead of the load balance?

    Thanks in advance,

    Aixa Ivonne

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