lsass.exe and w3wp.exe: Analyzing SSL performance in IIS 6.0

In several of the performance tuning projects I have done, the web pages with security settings such as SSL or Windows authentication are generally slow compared to other pages. In this post, I analyze how SSL performance can be monitored in IIS 6.0 As per the architecture of IIS 6.0, security related operations such as…


Application Pool Properties– Worker Process Idle Time Shut down setting

From my past experience I have learned that most of the project teams are not aware of App Pool properties of IIS. They tend to rely on the default values of App Pool. Even though the default values are chosen to give better performance in general, the values might not be suitable for your project….


Monitoring w3wp.exe Process (www worker process)

One of the important process that you need to monitor while doing Performance testing is w3wp.exe process. It is an IIS related process and runs whenever IIS is configured in Worker Process Isolation mode. By default, IIS runs in Worker process Isolation mode. Each site hosted on IIS Server has it’s own app pool. This…