SQL Server 2008 developer training kit

Click here to download SQL Server 2008 developer training kit by Microsofts Developer and Platform Evangelism group. The kit can work with a free SQL Server 2008 version like eg SQL Server 2008 Express. It provides overwiew and examples on spatial data types, filestream, common language runtime integration (CRL) feature, reporting services, date and time and new T-SQL…

msdev.com – get some training!

Check out this web site offers loads of training on different Microsoft Products including .NET, Silverlight, SaaS, WPF, … and of course SharePoint and SQL Server! Offered trainings are instructor-led web seminars and virtual labs! For example “Implementing Change Data Capture (CDC) in SQL Server 2008” virtual lab!


Find the nearest bank subsidary using geography datatype in SQL Server 2008

In this example we will explore how to calculate the nearest point of interest of e.g. a business relative to our current location. For example we are at MS Austria subsidiary in Vienna and we want to go to the bank and therefore we are interested where the nearest Raiffeisen Bank subsidiary is. Finally we…


Calculating a distance between two points of interest using SQL Server 2008 geography data type

With this post we want to present an example how to use the new SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data-types by calculating the distance between two points of interest.   SQL Server 2008 introduced two spatial data types: ·         geography and ·         geometry.   Lots of explanations and examples for these already exist on the Internet…