New Project templates of VS-MEF integration

Pablo Galiano has just published two you project template extensions for the Visual Studio Gallery, both of them for doing MEF integration with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. Check them out: Template for creating a VS Package that exposes MEF extension points. Template for creating and packaging up generic MEF extension points. Give them a…

MPF for Projects released for VS 2010 Beta 1

Chuck England has just recently posted the sources for MPF for Projects on CodePlex. If you’re interested in creating your own project systems for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1, this is the place to start. And, for those of you wishing to port your project systems from VS 2008 to 2010, the sources will give…

Aaron Posts on VSIX Project and pkgdef Files

Aaron (one of the developers on my team working on the SDK) just wrote a couple of great posts for folks wishing to use and to understand how the SDK works for VS 2010 Beta 1. Definitely worth a read if you’re working on VS extensions: VSIX Project template – The VSIX Project is meant to…

Quick Tutorial on Building Extensions with the VS SDK

It’s pretty cool when you General Manager is out working with the bits you just released. Jason just released a quick tutorial on how to create an editor extension using the VS SDK. Check out the steps he went through to create, build, test, and deploy a simple editor extension. With these tools in place, we’re…


Windows 7 RC is out

The Windows 7 Release Candidate just came out yesterday. I’ve been using builds of Win7 on my laptop since the Beta and have been very happy with how it works… Can’t wait to get the RC installed on my laptop, will try to do it early next week.


Low Bandwidth MSDN Pages

I just read over on Scott Hanselman’s blog that there’s a new low bandwidth view of MSDN pages. This is definitely cool and a much quicker way to load help content from MSDN. Check out this topic: It works only for library content, but that’s the most important one to start with since it…


An old friend talking about Perf

I was just reading over some blogs and ran across a couple of interesting topics on usage and perf on an Immutable Collection in the .NET runtime. Turns out to have been written by an old friend and collegue – Jared. He’s always written about some interesting topics and good to see that hasn’t changed.