Comic Sans typeface

Apparently there’s quite an upheaval over the Comic Sans typeface… with folks even wishing to ban it (there’s a Ban Comic Sans movement even). Though I think they could probably use a new hobby… 🙂 Don’t know, I’ve always kind of liked that font… not that developers are a good measure of aesthetics.


DM of the Rings

For those of you Lord of the Ring fans and role-playing game fans… I’m sure those two groups overlap by quite a bit… 🙂 Here is a funny look at the two merged in a strip.


They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

For all of you Lord of the Rings fans out there (and, really, who isn’t?)… Here’s a fun, little music video with Legolas’s quote from the movie. It’s some sort of techno, rap remix. Hard to describe, just watch the video… 🙂

BillG, That’s The End Calling…

I’ve been patiently watching and listening to a campaign run by a local radio station (107.7 The End) to get Bill Gates on their show for an interview and their music challenge (where they face-off two local celebrities to pick their best song to play and then voted on by listeners). They started off with pleas…


Binary Nail Polish

Here’s a cool finger nail polish that let’s you have binary on your nails. It actually spells out the person’s name in binary.  Pretty cool…                       [via Wil Wheaton]