Team Architect Power Tools August 2007 CTP

Suhail, one of the members of VS Team Architect, just posted about a new power tool for the Distributed System Designers. This tool lets you visualize class libraries in the Application Designer and System Designer. It’s a very useful addition to those tools, but you can read more details about it on the Team Architect…


Extending Distributed System Designers

Clemens has make some very interesting extensions to the Distributed System Designers in TeamSystem Architect edition to do richer code generation than was comes with the product. He described what he’s done in detail in his blog.


Using Distributed System Designers in VS 2005

Here’s a great “workflow” diagram that shows how the VS 2005 Distributed System Designers can be used to produce service-oriented applications. It’s quite useful, so if you’re interested in seeing how the designers can be used, go check it out.

Ulrich Talks About His Experience With the Application Designer

Ulrich just posted about his experience with using the Application Designer to model and build a distributed application. He starts off rather lukewarm about the Whitehorse designers, but as he gets deeper into designing his application, integrating in external web services, and aggregating services through a facade layer, he starts to see the usefulness and power…

TechEd 2005 – Day 5

That’s it. It’s over. The attendees seem to have been beaten into submission by this morning. The accumulation of little sleep, lots of information, and another late night party with free food and beer, seem to have taken their toll. I arrived at the Architect cabana at 10 am, and other then the people working…


TechEd 2005 – Day 4

Well, it’s becoming obvious that we’re more than half way through the conference. That early enthusiasm is starting to wane. You can see people zoning and yawning and that’s at 10 am. TechEd is not only a conference, it’s also a marathon… What can I say about Thursday? It’s more of the same really. I…


TechEd 2005 – Day 3

Wednesday was an exciting day for Architect edition of Visual Studio Team System. Bill and Alex both had sessions on Application Designer and the Logical Datacenter Designer. Both seemed to go very well with standing room only for the Application Designer session. Jochen gave his talk on the DSL Toolkit also to a nearly full…


TechEd 2005 – Day 2

The big news from Paul Flessner’s keynote: SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 will ship on Nov 7th. There you have it, that news speaks for itself. The cabana is an interesting experience I spent half my time lonely waiting for people to go there, and the other half of the time with people…


TechEd 2005 – Day 1

The first day of TechEd is always exciting. Everyone is still full of energy and ready for the Steve Ballmer keynote. The keynote went pretty well. Although Steve seemed more subdued than we’ve seen in the past, he gave a great talk about the future of work and how IT and Microsoft software would help…


TechEd 2005 – Day 0

Sunday was my travel day. I left Seattle at 7:30 am on my way to Atlanta and then on to Orlando. The layover was exciting because I only had about 45 minutes between flights. It was made even more exciting because we landed 30 minutes late. After a nice job through the Atlanta airport, I…