WpfAboutBox: Dialog Layout and Styles

I wanted to make an AboutBox that is as easy to use as the one that comes with Winforms. But, I also wanted to make use of some of the cool new UI capabilities in WPF and make it look a little snazzier than the default WinForms one… Below are the two different AboutBoxes: As…


WpfAboutBox: Intro

I’ve been testing out some of the different possibilities in WPF with a sample AboutBox — every program has one and they’re not overly complex (so they make a good starting point). Also, for those of you WinForms-turned-WPF devs out there, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no WPF equivalent of the AboutBox item template that is…


Programmatic Access to XmlDataProvider

It’s pretty easy to set up an XmlDataProvider as a resource in your WPF application. This lets you databind controls to XML data islands pretty easily. The following XAML puts an XML data island into my application.     <Application.Resources>         <XmlDataProvider x:Key=”aboutProvider” XPath=”ApplicationInfo”>             <x:XData>                 <ApplicationInfo xmlns=””>                     <Title>About WPF AboutBox</Title>                     <Product>Sample WPF…


A WPF Dialog Window

I’m continuing to work through learning more about WPF and XAML. I was trying a simple dialog and noticed that it didn’t look like typical Windows dialogs… for example, all WPF windows have an icon, but if you look at dialogs in most apps (and what WinForms produces), they don’t have a visible icon and…


WPF LinkLabel

WPF doesn’t have a built in LinkLabel control as you’d find in WinForms. But, I have found a couple of neat ways of doing one in WPF. The first was creating a new WPF control that derives from Label and then adds functionality to have it behave like a hyperlink. While this will certainly work,…


An old friend talking about Perf

I was just reading over some blogs and ran across a couple of interesting topics on usage and perf on an Immutable Collection in the .NET runtime. Turns out to have been written by an old friend and collegue – Jared. He’s always written about some interesting topics and good to see that hasn’t changed.


Testing When Exceptions Are Expected

Been thinking about and looking at unit testing a lot recently. And, one of the items that came up was how do you test for expected exceptions to make sure that they’re being thrown correctly. So, I wrote of few tests that did just that and noticed how similar they were, so I decided to…


List of WinForms and C# Links

There’s been lots of WinForms and C# related content posted recently, and I have a list of things that I had meant to blog about, but never got around to. I’m going to post of list of some of these, so I can clear my backlog, keep track of them, and let other folks know about…

Check Out Gel Buttons for Winforms

Chris Jackson has two posts about Gel Buttons that he’s created for WinForms. They look really good and implement design-time support, so they’re good examples on how to do that as well. Creating Gel Buttons With Window Forms: Part 1 Creating Gel Buttons With Window Forms: Part 2 Not sure if there are any more…


Using ‘Open With’ System Dialog in C#

Vivek has a project where he’s written the interop layer to access the Windows shell’s ‘Open With’ Dialog — the one where you can associate a file extension with the application that should open it. It’s a dialog that you may find useful in one of your applications, but isn’t supported in the .NET libraries….