Changing blog layout

Well, I tried using a prettier stylesheet layout for my blog, but it’s not very good at should code. It doesn’t use the screen real estate very well… Oh well, it was worth a shot. But, now I’m going back to a code-friendly layout.


Comic Sans typeface

Apparently there’s quite an upheaval over the Comic Sans typeface… with folks even wishing to ban it (there’s a Ban Comic Sans movement even). Though I think they could probably use a new hobby… 🙂 Don’t know, I’ve always kind of liked that font… not that developers are a good measure of aesthetics.


Happy Easter

Had a really good week talking with a lot of customers at our VSIP clinic. Met a lot of the folks extending Visual Studio in cool interesting ways. It did remind me how much I enjoy helping folks out with our products… Sometimes that gets a little lost when we’re so concentrated on delivering new features…


This Not Blogging Has Got to Stop

I’ve been busily working on Visual Studio 10 and haven’t had much time for blogging. I know that’s a pretty lame excuse, but it’s the only one I have. Being a development lead I spend a lot of time in meetings, triaging bugs, and dealing with fires in builds and integrations, so I haven’t had…


SkyDrive Beta Today

The latest Windows Live service just went into Beta this morning – SkyDrive. SkyDrive is a hard drive in the cloud that lets you save personal files out on the web. Along with private folders that only you can access, it also lets you create shared folders that can be viewed by other registered users…


Microsoft Moves Ahead with Software Modeling

There’s an interesting story in eWeek about Microsoft’s work on Software Modeling. A lot of discussion about the future, but DSL Tools is really the present and the tip of the spear for a lot of the work that Microsoft is doing in software modeling. As the DSL runtime evolves we’ll get more functionality that…


Funny Thing Happened While I Was Walking Down the Hallway

I was walking down the hallway, heading home yesterday evening, and I see Ali jumping across the hallway from his office into another office with an open door. I’m thinking: hmm, that’s a little strange. Why would he be doing that? But, apparently, his blog explains all… 🙂


C# For XBox 360 Development

There have been lots of great news from the Game Developer’s Conference this year. But, my favorite thus far is the announcement that C# will be supported in XNA for developing games for the XBox 360. I think this is great and will allow small companies to quickly create games for XBox. Tie that to…


New Windows Desktop Search UI

Microsoft Research has created a cool new UI plug-in for Windows Desktop Search, called Phlat, that does much better querying and filtering and seemlessly integrate search and browse functionality. If you like Desktop Search, but want a better interface to the results, this is definitely a plug-in to check out. [via Greg]


First Blog-iversary

It was a year ago today that I posted my first entry to this blog, talking about Whitehorse (the enterprise designers for VSTS 2005). Since then, there’s been lots of posts and a change over to talking about DSL Tools, as my job has been more focused on that since last March. It’s been fun…