T4 Editor Beta Released

The folks at Clarius have an update to their T4 template editor. They’re now in Beta. It’s a very useful editor for anyone doing large amounts of T4 template editing with good factoring of template code vs script and color coding of keywords.


DSL Tools Forum Moved

In case you’re looking for the DSL Tools forum and can’t find it at its last location, it has moved into the VSX (stands for Visual Studio Extensibility 🙂 forum, so you can ask your DSL-related questions there. And, here’s the new link: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=57&SiteID=1.


Testing When Exceptions Are Expected

Been thinking about and looking at unit testing a lot recently. And, one of the items that came up was how do you test for expected exceptions to make sure that they’re being thrown correctly. So, I wrote of few tests that did just that and noticed how similar they were, so I decided to…


Team Architect Power Tools August 2007 CTP

Suhail, one of the members of VS Team Architect, just posted about a new power tool for the Distributed System Designers. This tool lets you visualize class libraries in the Application Designer and System Designer. It’s a very useful addition to those tools, but you can read more details about it on the Team Architect…


SkyDrive Beta Today

The latest Windows Live service just went into Beta this morning – SkyDrive. SkyDrive is a hard drive in the cloud that lets you save personal files out on the web. Along with private folders that only you can access, it also lets you create shared folders that can be viewed by other registered users…


Microsoft Moves Ahead with Software Modeling

There’s an interesting story in eWeek about Microsoft’s work on Software Modeling. A lot of discussion about the future, but DSL Tools is really the present and the tip of the spear for a lot of the work that Microsoft is doing in software modeling. As the DSL runtime evolves we’ll get more functionality that…


DM of the Rings

For those of you Lord of the Ring fans and role-playing game fans… I’m sure those two groups overlap by quite a bit… 🙂 Here is a funny look at the two merged in a strip.


Extending Distributed System Designers

Clemens has make some very interesting extensions to the Distributed System Designers in TeamSystem Architect edition to do richer code generation than was comes with the product. He described what he’s done in detail in his blog.


DSL Designer for WIX

Mark passed around a link to a cool new DSL that lets you generate the WIX for a setup project from a diagram (or model) of your set of applications. This looks like a really cool use of DSL Tools, and it’s on CodePlex for anyone that wants to have a look… This got me…


T4 Editor by Clarius

Clarius has recently released their latest version of a T4 template editor – something quite useful for those DSL authors doing very much code generation. The editor includes: –          Syntax coloring –          Intellisense/Code completion –          Collapsible regions of code blocks –          Design-time preview of your transformation with dynamic properties support through the Properties window.