T4 Editor with Keyword Coloring

If you’ve been using the DSL Tool’s text templating engine (T4) and had a hard time figuring out what was output text versus template code and what were keywords, you’re not the only ones. Gaston Milano has also been having trouble with it. And, he created a T4 template editor that plugs into VS 2005 and gives some…

Storrs, CT Safest Place in the US

I just read nadyne’s post about going to the University of Connecticut, and Storrs, CT being named America’s Best Place to Avoid Death Due to Natural Disaster by Slate last year. But, that’s only true for if you’re not a visiting college basketball team. They face a natural disaster whenever they have to play in Storrs. 🙂 But,…


Multimedia Timer for the .NET Framework

I’m always a big fan of new .NET wrappers for Win32 APIs that haven’t been made part of the framework. And, I usually link to projects that implement that interop layer. Doing interop can be tough, so having code that someone’s written for it is very useful. Here’s a link to a CodeProject the wraps…


Check Out Gel Buttons for Winforms

Chris Jackson has two posts about Gel Buttons that he’s created for WinForms. They look really good and implement design-time support, so they’re good examples on how to do that as well. Creating Gel Buttons With Window Forms: Part 1 Creating Gel Buttons With Window Forms: Part 2 Not sure if there are any more…


Customization: Setting Position of a Shape When Its Created

There have been several questions on the DSL Tools forum about how to set shapes at specific locations when they’re create. That type of custom placement that is definitely possible to do in our diagrams. Our modeling system has a feature called Rules that are fired within, or at the end of, a transaction (but before…

Using ‘Open With’ System Dialog in C#

Vivek has a project where he’s written the interop layer to access the Windows shell’s ‘Open With’ Dialog — the one where you can associate a file extension with the application that should open it. It’s a dialog that you may find useful in one of your applications, but isn’t supported in the .NET libraries….

New Windows Desktop Search UI

Microsoft Research has created a cool new UI plug-in for Windows Desktop Search, called Phlat, that does much better querying and filtering and seemlessly integrate search and browse functionality. If you like Desktop Search, but want a better interface to the results, this is definitely a plug-in to check out. [via Greg]


VS.Net 2005 Design-Time Integration

Doing design-time integration for components and controls is always a big request. Being able drop a control or component in something like the WinForms designer, lets developers visualize what things will look like as they change properties. The following article gives a good overview of the architecture used to make components design-time editable. And, it discusses…

Using Distributed System Designers in VS 2005

Here’s a great “workflow” diagram that shows how the VS 2005 Distributed System Designers can be used to produce service-oriented applications. It’s quite useful, so if you’re interested in seeing how the designers can be used, go check it out.

Using XBox 360 Controller in C#

Here’s a very cool sample that uses Managed DirectX to support input from the new XBox 360 controller in a simple Windows Form in C#. Paul Stubbs : MDX: XBOX 360 Controller Windows Forms Application [via Greg]