DSL Designer Screenshots

Kristoffer, a UI designer working with the DSL Tools team, recently posted a screen shot and some questions about the new DSL Designer that we’re working on. If you’d like a sneak peek, have a look. Also, if you have any comments for him about the new design, leave him a comment.


ListView Performance Posts

I’ve been reading a series of ListView performance posts by HippieTim. He’s done a really good job of showing different ways of using ListViews and how they perform compared to one another. And, recommendations for getting good perf with your ListView. WinForms ListView Performance WinForms ListView Performance – Initializing checked states WinForms ListView Performance -…

Funny Thing Happened While I Was Walking Down the Hallway

I was walking down the hallway, heading home yesterday evening, and I see Ali jumping across the hallway from his office into another office with an open door. I’m thinking: hmm, that’s a little strange. Why would he be doing that? But, apparently, his blog explains all… 🙂

C# For XBox 360 Development

There have been lots of great news from the Game Developer’s Conference this year. But, my favorite thus far is the announcement that C# will be supported in XNA for developing games for the XBox 360. I think this is great and will allow small companies to quickly create games for XBox. Tie that to…

Customization: Moving Connected Shapes with Selected Shape

There was a question on the DSL Tools forum about moving all of the shapes connected for a selected shape when it’s moved. This seemed like an interesting topic because people ask about moving shapes programmatically a lot. And, it also shows how to respond to change rules for any property changes on a Shape….


New DSL: VSTS Work Item Type Designer

Darren Jefford just posted about the Work Item Type Designer that he’s been working on for a while. This designer was built using early versions of the DSL Toolkit, and now he’s updating it to the Feb CTP. On the bright side, there was a lot of custom code that he no longer needed because…


Using Gaston’s T4 Editor with GAT

Gaston recently posted how to use his T4 template editor to work with GAT (Microsoft’s Guidance Automation Toolkit) templates. DSL Tools and GAT both use the T4 text templating engine, so if you learn to write templates in one, you can use that knowledge for the other. And, now, you can use Gaston’s T4 editor…

They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

For all of you Lord of the Rings fans out there (and, really, who isn’t?)… Here’s a fun, little music video with Legolas’s quote from the movie. It’s some sort of techno, rap remix. Hard to describe, just watch the video… 🙂

Programmatically Loading DSL Domain Model

Daniel has a great post about how to programmatically load a DSL domain model file. This is useful in case you want to process the domain model file outside of the DSL designer, like in a GAT or VS add-in, or run across the domain model data in a command-line tool.

List of WinForms and C# Links

There’s been lots of WinForms and C# related content posted recently, and I have a list of things that I had meant to blog about, but never got around to. I’m going to post of list of some of these, so I can clear my backlog, keep track of them, and let other folks know about…