Using Settings in VS 2005 to Save Window Position

Here is a good article on how to use Application Settings to save a windows size, location, and state. There were lots of good improvements to Application Settings in VS 2005, and now it’s easier to use them in WinForms applications for custom data. Also, today is my last day at work for the year. I’m…


BillG, That’s The End Calling…

I’ve been patiently watching and listening to a campaign run by a local radio station (107.7 The End) to get Bill Gates on their show for an interview and their music challenge (where they face-off two local celebrities to pick their best song to play and then voted on by listeners). They started off with pleas…


DSL Tools Samples Update

Alan just posted the new DSL Tools Samples on MSDN. One is an update the to existing code customization, but upgraded to the Nov CTP. The other is a new end-to-end sample. Read Alan’s post for more details.


Say Hi to George

I just noticed that George Mathew recently started blogging. He’s also a developer on DSL Tools. He’s worked on the text templating engine and the underlying domain model infrastructure. Stop by and say hello.


DSL Tools Nov 2005 CTP on MSDN

As Jochen and Stuart have already posted, the Nov CTP is on MSDN, so you can go download it now. Most important it’s the version that runs on the RTM bits of VS 2005. There has been lots of interest in getting a version of DSL Tools that runs on RTM VS 2005, so I…