Managed Metadata Navigation not working for Anonymous Users in SharePoint 2013

I ran into an issue today where an anonymous user in SharePoint 2013 was not able to see the navigation for a site. Authenticated users could see and use the navigation just fine though. The workaround was to go into Term Store Management, select the term and specify a target page for the item:


Once I did that, it worked!

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  1. VC says:

    I have the same issue, but the workarround is not working for me; annonymous access to whole site and when accesing to libraries or lists error 403…

  2. pedrorod says:

    VC, can you check to make sure your lists/libraries are inheriting permissions or if they have unique permissions, make sure anonymous is in there?

    Normally, an anonymous user can only view list items and can't get to Allitems.aspx or _layouts Pages. There is a ViewFormPagesLockdown feature that can change this behavior though (it's typically enabled for a Publishing site). You'll have to determine if you want to open this up though from a security perspective.

  3. Matt says:

    Does this require a real link, or should any link work?  I entered a bunch of links to pages that don't exist yet and got nothing but the error.

    – Matt

  4. pedrorod says:

    Matt, I tried putting in links to pages that didn't exist and the managed navigation still showed the links just fine. Of course clicking on them produced a Page not found error.

  5. Matt says:

    Thanks for the response! What about using JSOM to access a managed navigation termset?  Like at this link:  Anonymous users should be able to see this, too, but no amount of filling in the link values has helped with this.

  6. Hir says:

    Thank You,

    It is so easy, but i got confused with Navigation Node Type and Target Setting. I was trying with node type as simple link but that is not working with anonymous user i guess.

    your solution It Worked for me, thank you again.

  7. Jigs says:

    Thanks a million.. I was so much frustrated… u gave me a solution!!

  8. Harikrishnan p k(SP) says:

    But if I give "  Allitems.aspx or blog/default.aspx  "  the term itself not visible for users having read permission.

    Can anyone please help me.

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