Natural language capability of Power BI

Over the past 18 months I have been working as the software architect of an amazing piece of technology that is set to revolutionize how people will interact with data. It started as an incubation project and soon matured to become this amazing service that we just recently unveiled to the world. “InfoNav” is the codename for this technology which is a feature of Power BI. There has been a lot written about this topic but really not a lot of it has been official so over the next few months I will share with you some of the details of this work. For now though, take a look at a demo of this technology presented by Amir Netz at the WPC conference: [View:].


Pedram Rezaei

Software Architect, Microsoft


Comments (2)

  1. Lee Picton says:

    Way to go Pedram. We just saw the future of natural language analytics. Genius.

  2. Arif says:

    Hi Pedram,

    I must it is very exciting and will definitely be a game changer. Is it part of PowerQuery? or something else? Can we download it at this point? Any tutorials ?



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