SQL Service Broker: The Impatient Way!

For those of you who are interested in creating your first SQL Server 2005 Service Broker conversation but are impatient as I am, just grab the code below and give it a try:

-- Enable service broker
database [YOUR_DB_NAME] set enable_broker

-- Create a message type. You can also specify

--  An XML schema to validate messages of this type:

create message type TestMessageType

       validation = none



-- Create a send and a receive queue

create queue TestSendQueue

create queue TestReceiveQueue



-- Now create a contract for our message type.

-- A contract defines the message type

--  which can be used by a service broker conversation.

--  You can also specify who (initiator or target)

--  can send messages of this message type

create contract TestContract

(TestMessageType sent by any)



-- We now need services. A service is particular task that

--   allows us to send and receive messages

create service TestSendService

on queue TestSendQueue (TestContract)


create service TestReceiveService

on queue TestReceiveQueue (TestContract)



-- The next step is to start a dialog between

--  services on a specific contract

declare @conversationHandle uniqueidentifier

begin dialog conversation @conversationHandle

       from service TestSendService

       to service 'TestReceiveService'

       on contract TestContract

       with encryption = off



-- Now try and send a message using the above conversation


-- The first step is to get the conversation handle (it is important

--   to note that the same conversation handle returned

--   by the BEGIN DIALOG statement could also be used - just

--   drop the GO statement)

declare @conversationHandle uniqueidentifier

select @conversationHandle = conversation_handle

       from sys.conversation_endpoints

       where far_service = 'TestReceiveService';


send on conversation @conversationHandle

       message type TestMessageType

(N'Test Message (' + cast(newid() as varchar(36)) + ')')



-- Now receive from the queue

receive convert(nvarchar(max), message_body)

from TestReceiveQueue


Good luck!

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