MOSS 2007 Search Scope Error –> Query/Index Server Event log Error (HOW TO FIX IT)

MOSS Error: In multi Server MOSS 2007 farm environment. You might see Search Scope Count Errors and also Event Log errors on Index/Query server


Possible Cause: Query and Index Servers are not functioning correctly




View Scope page error:


Search Scope Error





Item Count (approximate)

All Content


(all items)

contentclass = urn:content-class:SPSPeople



ContentSource = BDCCStarSearch



ContentSource = BDCCStarSearchDelta



ContentSource = BDCCStarSearchCurrent



Total: error


Application Event Log:






Event Type:        Error

Event Source:    Office SharePoint Server

Event Category:                Office Server Shared Services

Event ID:              6482

Date:                     9/26/2007

Time:                     10:27:52 PM

User:                     N/A

Computer:          MyServerName


Application Server Administration job failed for service instance Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchServiceInstance (09596173-2751-4db9-a84a-920690352eba).


Reason: Object b605e66d-073d-4075-ad36-8565cdd48497 not found.


Techinal Support Details:

System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: Object b605e66d-073d-4075-ad36-8565cdd48497 not found.

   at Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchApi.get_App()

   at Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchServiceInstance.Synchronize()

   at Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.ApplicationServerJob.ProvisionLocalSharedServiceInstances(Boolean isAdministrationServiceJob)


For more information, see Help and Support Center at




Diagnosis :  Steps to fix this problem


This problem occurs mostly when your Office SharePoint Service Search is not working (or configured correctly). When you  follow steps listed here to configure your office SharePoint Service Search, you will  most likely loose crawled data in content catalogs if any. You need to re-crawl data source again.


1.       Stop Office SharePoint Service on all servers (command line option StsAdm.exe -o osearch -action stop)

2.       Stop and Start MOSS timer service

3.       Start office SharePoint Service Search service on index server first. (my observation is stsadm.exe command line tool works better StsAdm.exe -o osearch -action start -role index)

a.       Sometimes you configure Index location on index server (use new location). Use “configure automatically” option and provide domain account which is member of local admin group on the index server (command line option StsAdm.exe -o osearch -defaultindexlocation E:\spsindexdata)

4.       Start Office SharePoint Services Search Service on Query Server(s) next. (command line option StsAdm.exe -o osearch -action start -role query)

a.       Sometimes you configure Index location on Query server (use new location). Use “configure automatically” option and provide domain account which is member of local admin group on the Query server. (command line option StsAdm.exe -o osearch -propogationlocation d:\spsindexdata)

5.       You might want to wait couple of minutes.

6.       Edit your Shared Service Provider (SSP) settings. Select Index Server in drop down list. Provide service credentials. Click OK

7.       Wait about 10 minutes and check your server again. Check if Scope count Error is gone.


This worked for me in two diffent environments

Comments (14)
  1. Karen says:

    you are the bomb! This fixed our index propagation/search problems. Thanks.

  2. Brij says:

    This article would definitely be helpful to few people, who are experiencing search issues however I had to add SharePoint service account with full control to the MOSS Site (portal web application) by going to Central Administration => Application Security => Policy for Web application to resolve this error in my environment. This is in addition to your steps.

    Following steps, mentioned in this article did not resolve my errors until I added SharePoint service account with full control to portal web application as explained above. I hope this will help to few other people, who are unable to resolve their search issue by following your article.

    This is the BEST article, I have found on internet for this specific issue.

  3. Thanks a lot, that works for me,,,

    i had to restart the timer services after i config the propagation share

  4. NEW- Andy says:

    Awesome.  Worked for me.  Thanks a ton!

  5. Ashish says:

    Hello Brijesh

    I was also facing same problem, as per your article, I followed the steps and now everything is fixed. But I am not able to crawl , it is showing old no. of items, rather than actual items in crawls. I also noticed that in scope, it is also not crawaling.

    Let me know what should I do?


  6. Hect says:

    I didn’t need to move the index but it had somehow become corrupted and deleting it and creating a new one fixed the issue.


  7. Grace says:

    Oh.. Thank you! I had this problem for a while and wasn’t able to resolve the issue, until I saw your blog. I did Stop, Start search for index and query services more than 20 times and propagated the index file location more than 5 times.

    Well, well, well, after reviewing your step, I checked the Timer Service Status on both WFE servers, which I assigned a Query Search Server role. The Timer Service was stopped and it didn’t get started even if I manaully started it using "NET START SPTIMERV3".

    The fix to all of my troubles was starting Windows SharePoint Services Administration Service manually.

    Thanks again for sharing your valuable information!


  8. Raj says:

    I spent  close to five hours troubleshooting. This thing worked like charm! Thanks!

    I wonder if Microsoft can create an easy of resetting index files and reconfiguring search – like "Click here to reconfigure search" or similar………..

  9. MartinB says:

    Thumbs up! Saved the production envorinment for my customer!

  10. Jan Inge says:

    Someone been into this issue in 2010 environment?

    I have similar issue in a single server 2010 environment. At least I can' perform a search (throws exception) and my item count show "Error" beside of all my scopes.

    I'm not beside the server now, so I don't know if Event log has simular error as shown here …

  11. raja says:

    Office SharePoint Server Search Required on Farm, not running Starting

    can anyone help me to solve this issue.


  12. Many thanks mate !! Good work  🙂

  13. Raleigh says:

    This worked for me, although I had to re-configure the search service after running the command line items. Perhaps worth a mention in the steps.

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