You Say Toemaytoe I Say Tahmahtah

We’ve seen a bunch of folks asking recently if their Exchange 2007 CAS server can talk to their Exchange 2003 mailbox server. The answer is <gasp> it depends on what you mean. It depends on what technology you are referring to and what you mean by “talk.” Are you referring to WebDAV calls? Then yes….


How does E2k7’s API Stack Stack up?

Check this out: Exchange Server 2007 Legacy API Property Mapping This helps you compare WebDAV/CDOEX props to EWS properties. Also discussed are CDOEXM and WMI replacements and the look ahead.

ARGH: Large WebDAV PROPPATCH requests fail with 401/401.5

I had a case recently where one of our products, Duet, was doing a large PROPPATCH against Exchange 2003 and it was failing with a HTTP 401 error. The customer noticed that small PROPPATCH requests succeeded, but large ones (bigger than say 25 KB) would fail. Well, we knew that it couldn’t be a permission problem,…


HOWTO: Get Email Messages from Exchange to SharePoint

Many people ask about how to do this, so I thought I’d write up a sample. This sample basically searches the inbox of a user and then does an HTTP GET against the DAV:href to get the EML file and then does an HTTP PUT to upload it to a SharePoint document library.using System; using…


What am I gonna do with 40 subscriptions to http://Vibe?

So this is a scenario you could easily find yourself in as one of my larger customers did recently. The answer is also one of the less-obvious, more obvious of answers. So imagine the scenario: you have load balanced Exchange FE (front end) boxes serving a myriad of back ends. Or, in a slightly less…