Office 2010 PIAs Are Now Available

The Office 2010 PIAs are finally available for download:

Moving your apps to Office 2010

The Office team put out some Channel9 videos and some tools to help you get your add-ins and applications onto the Office 2010 platform.

Rude Operator

If you are automating Outlook in a standalone application or other app outside of Outlook and have trouble on some machines with your CreateObject call succeeding when Outlook is not already running, this article may be for you. Have you ever called someone only to be put on hold as soon as they answer? Do…

That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out

Part 1 It used to be in earlier versions of Exchange, you were able to change the names of the “special” folders, like Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, etc. This is because MAPI keeps track of the Entry ID for these special folders in properties stored on the root folder. As long as the folder never got…

Misha Shneerson : COM Interop: Handling events has side effects

Misha, a Senior Dev on the VSTO team just posted this blog describing why handling events in managed code can be problematic. This is not news to our team, but he provides a good explanation of why it’s problematic. Misha Shneerson : COM Interop: Handling events has side effects If any of what he says…


Outlook Crashes When Using Outlook Object Model in Multiple Threads

One of the major requirements most developers are up against these days is ensuring their code runs as fast as possible. No one likes to wait for an application to run, they want seamless, invisible, instant speed. Multithreading is becoming more popular now that many desktops and certainly most servers are shipping with multiple processors…


Stehle’s finally doing his OOM series

I’ve been encouraging him to blog his “Matt Stehle’s Tenents of OOM Programming” for a while now, and he’s finally begun with a series on some common pitfalls we see with developers using OOM in .NET. This first article is concerned with a common reason we see for events to stop firing in your VSTO add-ins….


VSTO add-ins and the NewInspector Event

VSTO add-ins for Outlook are great. It’s much easier than implementing the IDTExtensibility2 interface. Basically, the way it works is this (actually, Andrew Whitechapel does a much better job explaining than I will, so here you go): the AddinLoader.dll keeps a “dormant” list of add-ins that tried to load when the Outlook.exe process is started….