How To Programmatically Access Exchange 2010 Archive Mailboxes

Archive mailboxes are a new concept in Exchange 2010 that solve some of the problems inherent in PST archives – the primary of which being that there’s no way to access your PST files from a different machine. Archive mailboxes solve this by providing you a second mailbox you can use to archive mail from…


That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out

Part 1 It used to be in earlier versions of Exchange, you were able to change the names of the “special” folders, like Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, etc. This is because MAPI keeps track of the Entry ID for these special folders in properties stored on the root folder. As long as the folder never got…


ConfigureMsgService fails with MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER (0x80070057)

I recently helped a customer with an issue where they were calling ConfigureMsgService and that call was failing, returning an HRESULT of MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER (0x80070057). After debugging it, we established that the reason that ConfigureMsgService was failing was that the PR_PROFILE_HOME_SERVER_ADDRS property was missing from the profile. Outlook seemed to work fine, logons worked, sending mail…


TNEF (Chapter 2): Old School

As discussed in Chapter 1 of this captivating series, MAPI contains an interface to allow developers to create and read TNEF data. This interface is the ITnef interface. There are only a few methods in this interface and they are, for the most part, self explanatory. The entire process of creating a TNEF stream can…


TNEF (Chapter 1): Basics

I’ve worked quite a few cases recently regarding problems some folks have had either reading or composing TNEF content. I’ve learned quite a bit myself as a result, and I thought I’d share. I decided I would do a series of blog posts on the topic and hopefully save some of you the time I…


New Drop of MAPI/CDO Download Released Today

After a hiccup earlier this week in getting the new MAPI & CDO downloads published to, they released today. MAPI / CDO CDO 1.21


MAPI Docs Moved

So, the Exchange team decided they didn’t want to maintain the MAPI documentation anymore since they don’t ship MAPI anymore. So the Outlook team stepped up and took over the docs. As such, you can now find them under the Outlook branch in the MSDN left-nav. Steve Griffin has been working with the Outlook…


RPC – Really Problematic Conundrum

I’ve had a couple cases recently where customers were having problems getting into deadlock with one of our modules, usually MAPI or Outlook. There’s one common thread that connects these cases: message pumps. Your application has to make a remote call to a server object living in a different process or thread. Often times this…


MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (0x8004011d) after installing Windows Server 2003 SP2

Sorry for the duplication, I’m just rebranding an earlier post of mine because many people have never heard of SNP and may discount the post due to the title. If you are getting MAPI errors because of RPC connectivity problems, and you have SP2 installed for Windows Server 2003, this is probably what’s affecting you,…


HELP: Outlook 2003 Doesn’t Display my HTML Body

If you’ve developed a custom message store and you can’t get Outlook to display RTF or HTML content, check the length of your EntryIDs. If your RTF content is really just wrapped HTML content or you are providing PR_HTML, and for some reason Outlook 2003 won’t display your HTML content, it may be the length…