How to Build an Outlook Social Connector Provider

Last fall, the Outlook documentation team approached me about using an Outlook Social Connector provider I built for an internal social network we have here at Microsoft (called OfficeTalk) as an example for a Visual How-To series on MSDN. It took a few months to get it all done, but you can check out the…


Office 2010 PIAs Are Now Available

The Office 2010 PIAs are finally available for download:


OSC Provider Proxy Library Updated

You may remember when I unveiled the Outlook Social Connector Provider Proxy. Well, good news – I have updated the OSC Provider Proxy Library to now support OSC v1.1 and also built it for .NET v3.5 in addition to the v4.0 build available with the original release. Check it out!


Neither Silverlight 3 nor 4 Work on Outlook Folder Homepages

Starting in Silverlight 3, the algorithm that SL uses to determine the hosting URL of the SL control doesn’t work properly when the page is viewed as part of an Outlook Folder Home Page. This is actually a known issue and is being looked at for Silverlight 5 but was not discovered early enough to…


Moving your apps to Office 2010

The Office team put out some Channel9 videos and some tools to help you get your add-ins and applications onto the Office 2010 platform.


Rude Operator

If you are automating Outlook in a standalone application or other app outside of Outlook and have trouble on some machines with your CreateObject call succeeding when Outlook is not already running, this article may be for you. Have you ever called someone only to be put on hold as soon as they answer? Do…


Introducing The Outlook Social Connector Provider Proxy Library

You may have heard of OfficeTalk. You may have heard of the Outlook Social Connector. As it turns out, my team is responsible for supporting developers building Outlook Social Connector (OSC) providers for their social networks. As a means of learning about how the technology works in preparing myself and my team for supporting this…


How To Programmatically Access Exchange 2010 Archive Mailboxes

Archive mailboxes are a new concept in Exchange 2010 that solve some of the problems inherent in PST archives – the primary of which being that there’s no way to access your PST files from a different machine. Archive mailboxes solve this by providing you a second mailbox you can use to archive mail from…


That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out

Part 1 It used to be in earlier versions of Exchange, you were able to change the names of the “special” folders, like Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, etc. This is because MAPI keeps track of the Entry ID for these special folders in properties stored on the root folder. As long as the folder never got…


Push Notifications broken in Exchange 2010

We recently found a bug in the way Exchange 2010 calls into your EWS Push Notification endpoint. You may see errors on the Exchange server indicating that it received HTTP 500 errors when calling into your client. Basically, the SOAPAction header is not being sent along with the request. I’ll update this post when this…