That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out

Part 1 It used to be in earlier versions of Exchange, you were able to change the names of the “special” folders, like Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, etc. This is because MAPI keeps track of the Entry ID for these special folders in properties stored on the root folder. As long as the folder never got…

New Drop of MAPI/CDO Download Released Today

After a hiccup earlier this week in getting the new MAPI & CDO downloads published to, they released today. MAPI / CDO CDO 1.21


Trouble with Live Search Maps Add-in for Outlook

Several million of you have downloaded the Live Search Maps Add-in for Outlook which allows integration in Outlook with maps and has some cool functionality around extending your appointment blocks to account for automatically calculated travel time among other things. We have received a large number of support cases that are caused either directly or…


Forwarding Appointments in Outlook Prepopulates “To” Field With All Attendees

We’ve had a lot of folks calling in recently about this one. The symptoms are that if you go to your calendar in Outlook and forward a meeting, the To field is prepopulated with all attendees of the meeting and the Subject field is not prefixed with “FW:.”  The common denominator of all victims of…


Outlook Requests Can’t Get a Date

There exists a scenario in which attendees to a meeting in Outlook will receive an updated meeting request from the originator that appears to be “out-of-date.” In the InfoBar, Outlook will display a message that says “This request is out-of-date.” If the attendee attempts to accept the meeting request, they get an error dialog box….


Free/Busy Appointments Missing After Using CDO 1.21 to Access Calendar

If you have written or use an application that uses CDO 1.21 (cdo.dll) that accesses your Calendar and you have users who complain that some recurring appointments are not appearing in Free/Busy in Outlook, this may be for you. When a recurring appointment is created in Outlook, you may not realize that really this is…