New Drop of MAPI/CDO Download Released Today

After a hiccup earlier this week in getting the new MAPI & CDO downloads published to, they released today.


CDO 1.21

Comments (4)

  1. Laughing John says:


    Can you tell us what exactly has changed in this new drop?



  2. pcreehan1 says:

    It’s mostly just DST updates as well as any bugs that were fixed since the last update. I don’t have a public KB of resolved issues. If there was an issue specifically that you are wondering if it fixes, click on the Contact Me link and give me the details and I’ll do some research for you.

  3. Laughing John says:


    Excuse the late reply. I was particularly interested to know whether the problem logging on to Exchange 2003 was fixed (kb929751 –

    I think it would be really useful to have the list of bug fixes published so that we know whether or not we need a particular hot fix.

    Thanks again,


  4. pcreehan1 says:

    The KB article you reference is not a hotfix for CDO, it’s for your Exchange mailbox server. This drop of CDO does support the CONNECT_IGNORE_NO_PF flag, as it has since Exchange 2007 released.

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