New Drop of MAPI/CDO Download Released Today

After a hiccup earlier this week in getting the new MAPI & CDO downloads published to, they released today. MAPI / CDO CDO 1.21


MAPI Docs Moved

So, the Exchange team decided they didn’t want to maintain the MAPI documentation anymore since they don’t ship MAPI anymore. So the Outlook team stepped up and took over the docs. As such, you can now find them under the Outlook branch in the MSDN left-nav. Steve Griffin has been working with the Outlook…


Trouble with Live Search Maps Add-in for Outlook

Several million of you have downloaded the Live Search Maps Add-in for Outlook which allows integration in Outlook with maps and has some cool functionality around extending your appointment blocks to account for automatically calculated travel time among other things. We have received a large number of support cases that are caused either directly or…


Misha Shneerson : COM Interop: Handling events has side effects

Misha, a Senior Dev on the VSTO team just posted this blog describing why handling events in managed code can be problematic. This is not news to our team, but he provides a good explanation of why it’s problematic. Misha Shneerson : COM Interop: Handling events has side effects If any of what he says…


OnSyncDelete Delete

The Exchange team is looking for some feedback on business scenarios that will be impacted by removing store sinks from the code. With Exchange 2007 and beyond, the new technology designed to replace store sinks is EWS Notifications and Transport Agents. However, with the removal of the synchronous store sinks, OnSyncSave and OnSyncDelete, there will…


Forwarding Appointments in Outlook Prepopulates “To” Field With All Attendees

We’ve had a lot of folks calling in recently about this one. The symptoms are that if you go to your calendar in Outlook and forward a meeting, the To field is prepopulated with all attendees of the meeting and the Subject field is not prefixed with “FW:.”  The common denominator of all victims of…


Can’t Get Raw MIME in Transport Event in Exchange 2007 SP1

If you wrote a Transport Agent for Exchange 2007 RTM which was accessing the raw MIME message which doesn’t seem to work after installing SP1, there’s a good reason for that. In SP1, we moved content conversion to after the OnRoutedMessage event. This leaves you in the predicament of not having access to raw MIME…


Why Pickups are the Best. More Robust, More Reliable, etc.

We get calls about this all the time. You have a CDOSYS application that…what? No, I’m not talking about automobiles, why did you…oh, the title. Well, it’s true. Read on. The Dreaded Transport Error The problem we see more than any other is when a customer is trying to send a lot of e-mail using…


Form Region Leak in Visual Studio Tools for Office 2008 (v3) Template

I had a case on this a few months ago, but thought more folks might run into this as they start moving to form regions. By default, if you use the VSTO template for creating a form region in Outlook, the item is leaked. This can show up in a number of different symptoms, but…


Understanding How You Use This Blog

The folks at CTS are asking us to post the following survey to our blogs. You only need to respond once, so if you see this on another blog you read, it’s the same thing. <survey_text> Greetings Blog Readers, My name is Ed Jolly, and I am a director in the Commercial Technical Support (CTS)…