Folder Homepage no longer works in Outlook 2007 from MAPI store providers

If you are developing or have developed a MAPI store provider for use in Outlook and are trying to support folder homepages in your store, you are probably familiar with the PR_FOLDER_WEBVIEWINFO property. This property is undocumented and not supported, but I'll assume for the sake of this article that you have a read/write store and you're allowing Outlook to set that property for you. 🙂

You may have noticed that folder homepages worked in previous versions of Outlook, but don't work in Outlook 2007. This is because we are turning off folder home pages (FHP) for non-default stores by default in Outlook 2007.

You cannot add a URL to the Address box on the Home Page tab in Outlook 2007 (923933)

Simply setting the registry key below will re-enable them:


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