Wish you could wear flip-flops to work?

Working at Microsoft is an experience like not many others. Since graduating from what many consider to be the greatest university on the planet, I’ve worked at few very different types of companies. My first stint was working for the United States Senate. Yeah. My second place of employment was at a small consulting company…


Folder Homepage no longer works in Outlook 2007 from MAPI store providers

If you are developing or have developed a MAPI store provider for use in Outlook and are trying to support folder homepages in your store, you are probably familiar with the PR_FOLDER_WEBVIEWINFO property. This property is undocumented and not supported, but I’ll assume for the sake of this article that you have a read/write store and…


Free/Busy Appointments Missing After Using CDO 1.21 to Access Calendar

If you have written or use an application that uses CDO 1.21 (cdo.dll) that accesses your Calendar and you have users who complain that some recurring appointments are not appearing in Free/Busy in Outlook, this may be for you. When a recurring appointment is created in Outlook, you may not realize that really this is…


Stehle’s finally doing his OOM series

I’ve been encouraging him to blog his “Matt Stehle’s Tenents of OOM Programming” for a while now, and he’s finally begun with a series on some common pitfalls we see with developers using OOM in .NET. This first article is concerned with a common reason we see for events to stop firing in your VSTO add-ins….