Doin’ Duet

I've been tasked with creating support training for a new product we have called Duet. What is Duet? I had the same question myself when I was told that our teams (the Enterprise Business Apps Messaging Development support team and the Visual Studio Office Development support team) would be responsible for supporting it. Duet is a joint product between Microsoft and SAP, the first of its kind.

Duet is built on the Information Bridge Framework 1.5. It's a series of scenarios that expose SAP data in Outlook: Time Tracking, Budget Monitoring, Reporting, Leave Management, Organization Management, among others.

You'll be hearing more about Duet from me in the coming months as I develop this training. I'm sure many of you have never even heard of Duet, but if you are in an organization that runs SAP, you'll hear about it soon.

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