Custom Calendar Providers for Outlook 2007

So if you were using Stephen Toub’s Custom Calendar Provider sample for Outlook 2003, and you are testing out the awesome new Outlook 2007 features, you may have noticed that the code sample he provided doesn’t work any more. Stephen is planning to update the article for 2007 eventually, but until then, here’s the fix….


HOWTO: Exposing your VSTO 2005 SE Add-In to External Code

So with regular COM AddIns in Outlook, to expose your COM Add-In to external applications involved setting the Application.ComAddins.Item(“ProgID”).Object property equal to an instance of the object. Typically, in your OnConnection event handler, you’d do something like this: Application.ComAddins.Item(“PROGID”).Object = Me That allowed external code to get a reference to your COM addin class through…


Office 2007 Are Tea Ems?

It seems we’re done with Office 2007 and have given the “ok” to start printing the disks. It’s been a long ride with over 3 million Beta downloads! 

Hook, Line, and Sink’r

So I recently helped a customer develop a managed Exchange Store Sink. One thing I noticed is that it doesn’t seem to be any public step-by-step instructions for the Exchange-development impaired, so I decided to at least give a high level HOWTO on doing this. So here ya go… Step 1…The first thing I would…

Where the HELO are my images?

Have you ever developed an application that sends HTML formatted email messages to users in your organization, but when the messages are received, your users can’t render the images or are prompted before the images are rendered? It can be very difficult to figure out what is going on and why your images won’t render….

What am I gonna do with 40 subscriptions to http://Vibe?

So this is a scenario you could easily find yourself in as one of my larger customers did recently. The answer is also one of the less-obvious, more obvious of answers. So imagine the scenario: you have load balanced Exchange FE (front end) boxes serving a myriad of back ends. Or, in a slightly less…


S/MIME Magic

I know it’s been a while since I posted (for all my loyal fans!) but my wife and I had a baby last month, so we’ve been busy with him. Jacob Matthew is a great kid though, so I’m not apologizing, just giving you an explanation! On to business… So recently I had a case…

CDO Workflow Designer Troubleshooting

If you’ve ever tried to start a CDO Workflow project using Office Workflow Designer and encountered the infamous Can Register Workflow error, you’re not alone. I’ve seen users with that error a few times so far and their problem seems to be the same in each case. The most helpful hint is not the one you…

VSTO add-ins and the NewInspector Event

VSTO add-ins for Outlook are great. It’s much easier than implementing the IDTExtensibility2 interface. Basically, the way it works is this (actually, Andrew Whitechapel does a much better job explaining than I will, so here you go): the AddinLoader.dll keeps a “dormant” list of add-ins that tried to load when the Outlook.exe process is started….


The Obligatory First Post

So, I bet I know what you’re thinking right now…if only there were a new Microsoft employee who was an experienced developer but was new to Exchange development that would create a new blog site only a week into his employment so that I could follow his progress as he learns about developing on Exchange…and…