SEPA: The Future is Integration Management

It’s not quite so fashionable to talk about SEPA these days. After all – aren’t we all wishing the rules and solutions were are all defined and implemented? But there’s still a fundamental challenge that banks (and corporate treasuries) face: integration among both legacy formats and legacy systems. Payments hubs are still often discussed as…


Jump Starting Payments Integration

The topic of payments system integration has in the past  usually dwelled on topics such as real time or batch requirements, message queue interfaces and of course, support for payment standards. All these of course are very important in any payments integration project, whether to support implementation of a new payment system, or the renewal…


Payments Industrialization

A commonly asked question is if payments are a product or a commodity? I firmly believe the answer is that they are actual both. The traditional way of defining and processing payments has become very much commoditized. Facilitated by the homogenization of payment standards, particularly in Europe (and to a lesser extent in the North…


Welcome to the Microsoft Payments Community

Hello and welcome from Microsoft’s worldwide financial services group. In this blog, I will share my thoughts and insights into the payments industry, and the challenges banks face in renewing their core platforms. Many people ask me, “why the interest in payments systems?” Quite honestly, it’s an easy answer: payments make the world go around….