Payments Transformation Across Asia

Microsoft has many high profile technology solutions partners exhibiting at Sibos this year. Decillion Group, a leading provider of SWIFT and high value payments solutions across Asia, was one of the first Microsoft partners to develop payments solutions on BizTalk and the Accelerator for SWIFT.  To provide some more insight to Decillion, their solutions and what to expect at Sibos I invited Thomas Lee, CEO of Decillion, to share some thoughts.

Thomas, thank you for taking some time to discuss some of the trends you see happening in the payments industry today.  What are some of the challenges or trends that you have observed in the payments industry?

Thank you Colin. The world has changed, payments aren’t simple anymore, new regulations, increased competition and technologically savvy customers demand more than legacy banking technology can provide. In today’s competitive environment, the only certainty is change - changing business needs, changing technology, changing consumer demand, and a changing payments market. Globalisation of financial markets coupled with the entrance of non-financial institutions who have leveraged new technology to enter this traditional bank space have led to payments and other financial communications becoming commoditised and margins being squeezed.

I imagine that imposes some technology challenges and considerations….?

The complexity of the financial landscape today is demonstrating that banking technology must evolve along with the times. Traditional banking technology is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the financial industry today. As the environment evolves, the payments industry will need flexible, scalable and adaptable systems that can be tailored to each organisation’s needs.

Will Decillion be presenting a viewpoint or demonstrating solutions to these challenges at Sibos?

Decillion’s Modular Automated Processing System (MAPS) is a business process management system that meets the challenges of an evolving payments landscape. Built on Microsoft technology, MAPS provides a system that can be customised in order to fit varying requirements from customers for business process management and matching with their internal business processes. MAPS offers an unrivalled status-driven Service Oriented Architecture, allowing users to have dynamic control and complete visibility over their entire business processing needs.

Other than visiting Decillion at your stand (1C12), how can people who may not be at Sibos also contact you to find out more about Decillion and your payments solutions?

You can find out more about Decillion and our solutions from our website You may also contact us at or follow us on Twitter @decilliongrp.

Can people make an appointment to meet you at Sibos?

Sure, you can request a meeting with me on the Sibos website or drop me an email at Alternatively, please visit us at stand 1C12.

Thomas, many thanks for your partnership and your time today, and I look forward to seeing you in Osaka!

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