New Claims Demo app

I updated the sample claims app for quickly troubleshooting a user’s SAML claims. Click on the “Claims” tab to get authenticated against the configured Identity Provider. This version uses the latest OWIN library and .Net 4.52. Prerequisites Install-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-45-Core, NET-Framework-45-ASPNET, Web-Asp-Net45, Web-Net-Ext45     web.config Update the appSetting section with the correct ADFS Federation Metadata XML…


MFA Support for Windows Azure Active Directory PowerShell Module

Administering O365 is quite easy using the O365 Portal. However, power users may prefer the flexibility of script based management via PowerShell. The “Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell” (WAADMfWP) provides such capability. With just a few lines of code, the power user can provision millions of accounts and modify O365 resources with…


Claims Demo App

Sample ASP.NET app for testing Claims Based Security. Download and rename file extension to .zip MvcWIA.txt     [bing_translator]