Get common dates in T-SQL

A few years ago I created an article around Reporting Services and dates. It could have been written more generically, because I reference this quite a bit to get common dates like “the beginning of this week”, “midnight last night”, etc, in my SQL queries. It’s a fairly comprehensive list of relative dates that one might…


New SharePoint Developer Resource

As part of the Capital Area .NET’s new SharePoint SIG, I led a discussion group last week which worked together to create a WSS/MOSS Developer Productivity Wiki Page. Check it out on, and please feel free to add to it!


Personal Twitter Client Counter

Get a count and percentage of how many updates you’ve had with each twitter tool. Download C# 3.5 WPF Source Code Note: This source code is mostly a quick hack to get the data I wanted. Also, if you run this on your own data, note that you may need to wait a few minutes…


Latest tool: XPath query field extractor for InfoPath

Update: This tool seems to be only relevant with InfoPath 2003. A co-worker pointed out that due the customer pains around a lack of a feature like this, in InfoPath 2007 you can right-click a node in the data source and choose “Copy XPath”. Cool! Thanks to Scott Heim for pointing this out. So, I…


Synchronize XSD from an InfoPath document with a SharePoint project for server-side XSD validation

In order to implement server-side XSD validation against an InfoPath form submission, I had to pull the XSD from the InfoPath document archive (XSN file) and use that to update an embedded resource in a SharePoint solution project (including automated checkout/checkin in TFS). I was able to do it using a batch file. Pretty specialized…


Live Writer: Word+Social media, for bloggers

I just started using Windows Live Writer to update my blogs*. I’m thoroughly impressed with what I see, both from the practical sense and just how much cool seems to surround this thing. 1) My Apartment Building, Washington, DC Software+Services is Microsoft’s answer to the debate about where the future of computing is going in…


Use the DescriptionAttribute with an Enum to display status messages.

I’ve been working on various forms of displaying status messages from enums, and here’s the latest preferred iteration of how to do this. Regurgitated and tweaked from public enum XmlValidationResult { [Description(“Success.”)] Success, [Description(“Could not load file.”)] FileLoadError, [Description(“Could not load schema.”)] SchemaLoadError, [Description(“Form XML did not pass schema validation.”)] SchemaError } private string…