Leveraging Windows Server 2016 S2D with SQL Server 2016 to build hyper-converged clusters for the “Automated Datacenter”

<note: Support policy for Microsoft SQL Server products that are running in a hardware virtualization environment > Hello! With the release of Windows Server 2016 and the “great/awesome/fabulous feature” storage spaces direct(S2D) that has the concept of leveraging local storage to build a “virtual-san”, with different storage type from SAS/SSD/NVMe to generate different storage tiers/caching… Read more

Troubleshooting in SQL Server Transactional Replication on *very* busy Subscribers + WindDbg + WPR & WPA

Hello again! Moving forward to the subject, I worked in a specific situation where replication latency increased above acceptable values, scenario was the following bellow: Publisher to Distributor | Log Reader Delivery Latency = Ok Distributer to Subscriber | Distributor Delivery Latency = Nok MSdistribution_history was throwing state 2 messages (distrib agent reader thread waits on writer… Read more

Failed to bring your Mission Critical SQL Server Always On Failover Cluster Online after Patching!?

In a scenario, that you successfully patched SQL Server (Service Pack/ CU) but the SQL Server Resource Group can’t be brought online, I recommend to start your PowerShell console and generate your Cluster Log (simply by Get-ClusterLog), this will create your file in @ Windows Directory>\Cluster\Reports\Cluster.Log In the meanwhile I have also raised a connect entry @… Read more

Ninja Troubleshooting- User Interface freezing during SQL Server database restore.

Hello world 🙂 To sum up, i was working with one of my customers regarding the UI (User Interface) freezing while restoring (Symantec NetBackup) a database into SQL Server 2012, leading to a unresponsive behavior from the server. Scenario (VMware guest – WS2012R2): Started with gathering performance counters to jump into the analysis and even though… Read more

Building elastic and fault tolerant Data Platform solutions with Azure, SQL Server and HDInsight

If you are interested on a solution that provides elastic scale, High Availability and Disaster Recovery between different locations with a “pay as you go approach”, I suggest you to invest 2 minutes of your time to take a look of this session! -Paulo Condeça… Read more