Making the ExpanderView more responsive with lots of items

If you haven’t already checked it out, the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit contains a rich set of additional controls to make your life easier when programming the Windows Phone.  Not to be missed is the sample application you can download separately that allows you to play around with the controls in the toolkit.  The…


FIX – Delete your Builds or suffer the OOM Exception!

Last year I had a BLOG entry that talked about an issue where an Out of Memory Exception would occur if you did not delete your completed builds from TFS.  I’m happy to announce that there is a fix available for this issue in KB2544407 here:


How to modify the MachineQuota for MSMQ in Domain Mode through code

Our support website does a pretty good job for telling you how you can modify the MachineQuota setting for MSMQ here.  Unfortunately, if you need a way to do this programmatically and your installation happens to be in “Domain Mode”, then there really isn’t enough information here.  Fortunately using the DirectoryEntry object makes this a…