Mashed 08: The pictures….

During a long weekend of fun and excitement it helps to have pictures to remind you exactly what you got up to. Mmm – maybe not… This is my ‘Aces High – Eddie’ impression in the social flight sim. Search on Iron Maiden if you’re still clueless.                …


Mashed 08: Day 2

A lot of survivors this morning :-). Projects are developing, only a few more hours to go. I have the 0900 leg to fly in the social flight sim  -apparently we have to go from Anchorage to San Francisco. My nav tells me she wants to go via the Grand Canyon – which seems a…


Mashed 08: Wotudo blimp flies again

Taking inspiration from numerous Disney cartoons the blimp flies again!


Mashed 08: Wotudo Blimp

It start out as a simple bit of fun but with the help of old and new friends at Mashed 08 it turned into a real ‘mashed activity! It first flew with simple branding (my other blog) – I wasn’t sure if the vinyl lettering (from would be to heavy,but it worked perfectly…


Mashed 08 Star log Day 1 14:00

Now recorded on a pod cast for the Imperial College London. Just seen the zero carbon plane being built. It is going to virtually fly round the world tonight, there’ll be a public KLM for people to hang things from. Looking at plotting their progress on the Earth globe in MRDS.


Get prep’ed for Mashed08

I will be showing the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio at Mashed08 this weekend. If you are also going to be there and fancy playing with robot programming and simulation building there are some bits you can set up on your machine in advanced. First, get Visual C# Express 2008 (or Std, Pro etc etc) Then…