XNA: Gaming across many platforms and the cloud

I’ve been working with UK XNA MVP Charles Humphrey on project ZuneRay. ZuneRay is a raycasting engine built by Charles’ for the Zune HD using XNA 3.1. With Windows Phone 7 Series in the pipeline we used the Zune HD as a target test platform with the intention of porting it to WP7S once the…


Do you know how to get Microsoft Technical Support?

When the chips are down and you’ve reach the point where you need help, it is reassuring to know Microsoft Support Professionals are only a phone call or maybe an email away. We want you to know what your paid-for and free Microsoft Support options are. We also want you to let us know if…


SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 x64

I’m just completing the installation of a standalone development environment for SharePoint 2010 Beta on my Windows 7 x64 netbook. There are a few gotchas to doing this which I wanted to share with you, it turns out that they are all well documented by the SharePoint team but finding them is always easier if…


Windows 7: Building your own sensors

Windows 7 has a built in sensor and location platform, the key feature of this is any sensor devices connected to it become operating system level resources which any number of applications can utilise the data from. Up until now, sensor devices (like GPS) were ‘owned’ by the first application to grab them, and prevented…


Event: VS2010 and ALM 17th Dec, London

Microsoft and Black Marble are presenting a day exploring the opportunities and benefits of VS2010 in ALM. You can register for this event by visiting www.blackmarble.com/events Alternatively you can telephone 01274 841305 Venue: Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, London NW1 4LE Thursday 17th December 2009 Registration from 9:30am, Event Starts at 10:00am….


PDC 09 attendees get free Win7 laptop

Steven Sinofsky announced at PDC09 day 2 keynote, that all PDC 09 attendees would receive a MSFT designed, Acer built, Windows 7 laptop free of charge. The laptop has a touch screen, full sensor and location functionality, is 64-bit and fully loaded up with Office 2010 beta and lots more. Designed to enable application developers…


Taking your app forward to Win7

If you are looking for a concise guide to the features you should consider for your application to shine on Windows 7 look here. A simple list of the 7 things you could do to rejuvenate your applications and ensure they work will and correctly in the modern world of Windows 7.


Aspire Ferrari One – rocks. A netbook as netbooks should be

My latest purchase is an Acer Ferrari One netbook. This is a netbook like no other and the way netbooks should be! It is the same size as the current restricted Atom 11.6” screen netbooks, with 1366×768 res – but this one runs the AMD Athlon X2 L310 processor. Yes this is a dual core,…


Software changes the world – be proud to be part of it

One of the joys of working for Microsoft is the real world citizenship. That sounds really corporate, but what I mean is the ability to stand up and do the right thing. Microsoft of course does lots locally and internationally as befits a successful company. But its the ability to do stuff as an individual…


Widget development in Windows Mobile 6.5

I had two sessions to present at Over The Air 09. The first was all about the new Widget runtime included in Windows Mobile 6.5. The runtime brings a Microsoft implementation of W3C Widget support to Windows Mobile for the first time. Our implementation is coupled with the launch of our very own mobile application…