Do you know how to get Microsoft Technical Support?

When the chips are down and you’ve reach the point where you need help, it is reassuring to know Microsoft Support Professionals are only a phone call or maybe an email away. We want you to know what your paid-for and free Microsoft Support options are. We also want you to let us know if there’s anything we could do to improve our support offerings. Send us feedback at we do want to hear from you.

Microsoft offers a range of support services designed to meet the needs of developers no matter what size of organisation you work in - from enterprises down, to small business to individuals. It is worth taking the time to understand what these offerings are – to ensure you get access to appropriate and timely support. If your organisation purchases Software Assurance, Essential or Premier services you should check with your contracts manager on the included support offerings.

As an individual developer or as a member of a developer team it is always worth remembering the maxim – ‘forewarned is forearmed’. On any issue or even during project planning, the freely available knowledgebase should be searched for known and potential issues. The knowledgebase is updated directly by Microsoft Support professionals when incidents are identified as repeatable issues.

There is a range of paid for Microsoft support services available for software developers. These are contained within the Professional Support service. There are a number of elements to this service as laid out below:

1. Professional Pay Per Incident

2. Professional Pay Per Incident 5 Pack

3. Business Critical After Hours Support

4. MSDN/TechNet Subscription Incident Support

After raising a paid-for support call, the next important thing is response time. How long will it take to get someone who knows what they are talking about to call you back? Microsoft has three support incident levels, Severity A, B and C. These each have an Initial Response Time associated with them.

Severity A: - 2 hours

Severity B: - 4 business hours

Severity C: - 8 business hours.

There are a number of common features to the support services.

1. Product coverage – all production versions of Microsoft servers, tools and business applications

2. Lifetime – full customer agreement is required to close an incident.

For current support service prices see this page.

Looking at each one in turn:

Professional Pay per Incident/ Professional Pay per Incident 5 Pack

Professional Pay per Incident provides a fixed cost single assisted break-fix support during business hours. You can start a support incident by phone or by email.

Support incidents can be purchased in packs of 5 with a 1 year lifetime from set up of contract.

Business Critical After Hours Support.

A fixed cost single assisted break-fix after business hours support request for Severity A issues on production versions of Microsoft server, tools and business applications. Support is purchase directly from Microsoft and is initiated by phone only. This is effectively the same as a Professional Pay per Incident but occurs outside normal business hours.

MSDN/TechNet Subscription Incident Support.

Depending on the style and level of your subscription you have between 2 and 4 incidents available for your use. These are assisted break-fix incidents, solution design services are available to developers under Premier Service contracts purchased annually.

Warranty Support.

In addition to these service offerings above there is also Warranty Support. 2 to 4 incidents may be included ‘in the box’ with certain Microsoft tools and business applications. For example MSDN Professional subscriptions include two no-charge support incidents, Visual Studio professional or higher with MSDN Premium include four no-charge support incidents, entitling you to technical product support from Microsoft either by telephone or online during normal business hours.

All Microsoft Technical Support services are subject to Microsoft Technical Support General Terms & Conditions.

Comments (13)

  1. Taher Hassan says:

    It might be good to have different sorts of support incidents and support functions.

  2. Paul Chikalla says:

    It might be better if they made contact with a support technician easier, one finding the right phone number is difficult, they run you through a lengthy menu that more often than not does not recognize voice recognition and they assume everyone is a whiz knowing how to navigate through the site.  All this to install Microsoft Office 2010

  3. Sonie says:

    I just want to talk to someone who could tell me how I would know if an email that I sent has been re-called.  I sent the recall message on a group email that I sent and I dont know if I have been successful in re-calling it.

  4. ac says:

    Current waiting time for tech support is 2-3 hours !

  5. ddha says:

    I'm trying to find out the cost of "Professional Pay Per Incident 5 Pack".  Could you provide a direct link where I can see the pricing?

    The information above says "For current support service prices see this page."  But when I click on the "page" I couldn't find pricing on "Pay Per Incident".

  6. says:

    I received a phone call recently saying my h.p. computer had reported virus corruptions

    the name they gave me calling from Miami, Fl, was Windows Global suport, a mr.Kevin Gonzales.

    He new my name plus the serial # of my computer. T his guy had a very heavy accent which made me think this call was a scam. He did give me his phone # 1-786-245-4020, but I didn't call back. I recently have a spate of malware & virus problems, even though I have AVG anti-Virus installed. Please advise ASAP. Thank you

    Ron Tucker      619-462-5221

  7. DaBai Cai says:

    No help was provided when I reported a problem with not being able to download anything from the internet, adobe updates, flash player updates, printer software/firmware updates, etc.  All they really want to do is sell you one of their exorbitant service plans.  I made the mistake of buying one once, but never used it again after the problem was resolved, so you won't even use the service plan.  It basically equates to $99-149 a pop to solve your problem.  I've hired techs that do house calls for less.  

  8. Allison says:

    Ron – The SAME thing just happened to me just now, Feb 20, 2015 11:50am PST.  Very heavy accent, new my name and address!  He gave me the same number, said his name is Paul Martin and with Windows Technical Support.   I need to see how to report this to Microsoft.

  9. says:

    I just received a similar call.  The guy had a heavy accent and when I asked where he was calling from he  stated that he was calling from Houston, Texas.  He said my computer was sending error messages to global monitoring and he wanted me to go to my computer and he would walk me through removing the malware.  I told him to just tell me what I would be looking for and he said it would be complicated.  I couldn't understand a quarter of what he was saying so he put his supervisor on the line . . his English wasn't much better.  Needless to say I did not turn my computer on for them.   The number he gave was 1-800-653-6519.  

  10. Windows8.1user 'mad' says:

    You need to have an authentication system for your tech support!!!!

    I have no Idea if who I am talking with is a scammer or not.

    I called into the tech support via

    I was Circled Jerked around by India Tech Support to 11 different people and each one went on to explain how they did not provide tech support for this and transferred  me to someone else who they said could help but also could not.

    Then I got an "or that they could charge me $99 for a 30 day Windows support or a Year of support for $149.  

    Weather it was real or not, "how can I tell" they wanted my credit card over the phone. RED FLAG.

    As well as remote into my PC.

    The lady I was talking to called me back later as she said and it was from a Washington State Area code.

    Phone Number Format: 4257044840 / 425-704-4840 / 1-425-704-4840

    Rating: 3/5  

    Area / Major City: 425 – Kirkland, WA

    Exchange Code: 425-704 / 425704

    Location: Bellevue, WA

    866.425.8809   ?good? got this number from a tech

    425.704.4840 ?good? got this number from a tech

    Post some good numbers to call and get a real tech support team.

    How the is anyone supposed to know if they are talking to a real tech support????

    Real or not, I did not get a shred of help.

  11. Justine says:

    I have spent two days and 7 attempts to install the new FREE windows 10 to no avail.  finally got a MSN tech and spent from 3:50 pm to 4:10 pm waiting for a live chat with a tech.  from that time to present of 6:15 pm same day, it didn't work!  My tech was Abby Y.  she disconnected at 5:06 pm and tried reconnections and finally got reconnected at 6:09 pm.  I am still waiting for a technician to be on line and time is 7:05 pm!

    What gives?

  12. Harvey Braaf says:

    Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade has downloaded 22 times, install has failed 22 times.  None of the suggested fixes works.  Impossible to contact microsoft support. How to correct this?

  13. Jack Smith says:

    Why is it so hard to find the support web portal with software assurance to open one SQL ticket. Its brutal!!!!!! The only technology company in the world that makes it this hard to give them money for support.

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