SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 x64

I’m just completing the installation of a standalone development environment for SharePoint 2010 Beta on my Windows 7 x64 netbook. There are a few gotchas to doing this which I wanted to share with you, it turns out that they are all well documented by the SharePoint team but finding them is always easier if someone pulls together the reading list first.

The most comprehensive documentation is by Jie Li:

But I found my Configuration Wizard failing with ‘IIS Not Found’ and had to look further. Then I discovered the SharePoint team blog document:

In Step 8 of the above post, there is an IIS configuration script that needed to be run to. Once I’d done this from the wizard proceeded without issue until it had completed 8 out of 10 tasks.

It then failed again with ‘Failed to create sample data’. Looking into the log file I could see that a web service call had timed out. Suspecting that this was a ‘first run’ issue, I closed a few Windows and re-ran the configuration wizard…15 years as a MS techie doesn’t count for nothing you know 😉

Of course, a more powerful machine is unlikely to encounter the time out. My target machine is my much loved Acer Ferrari One Netbook – the AMD L310 dual core, 64-bit wonder that I now carry by my side always. This machine is totally awesome, and with 4GB RAM installed, it can do a hell of a lot despite its diminutive size.

While typing the above, the config wizard has now completed the re-run of step 8 and has just finished successfully. I’m looking at the default SharePoint site running in IE8. Memory usage is quite high at 3.46GB, but after the default site creation (which took a while) performance navigating around the site is ok.

Now to get into the new VS2010 SharePoint devenv for some fun and games.

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