VS2010, .Net 4 and Windows 7 Multitouch WPF apps!

Hi all,

I've been doing a little playing around with MT on Win7 using the VS2010 and .Net 4 Beta 1 to get some WPF MT demos running.


Here are the videos!


Basic how to get MT going code example:

Some internal demos that I've made to work on VS2010 and .Net4 beta 1 - using a WPF4 implementation of the Surface ScatterView control (or something that looks a lot like it)


Get building with WPF 4 in MT! I'm using the Codeplex MultitouchVista project which now has a Win7 driver. Works really well - very sweet when you don't have any MT kit!!!

Comments (2)

  1. zeppelin016 says:

    This looks awesome.  Thanks for sharing!  I really want to get up and running with .NET 4.0 and MT, as I am already very familiar with WPF and .NET in general.

    What kind of hardware do I need to get this up and running?  Can I just buy any standard TouchScreen all-in-one from Dell or HP, install the "Codeplex MultitouchVista" drivers, then do Multi Touch in pure .NET 4.0?  Or are there calls to unmanaged APIs somewhere?


    – Brock

  2. zeppelin016 says:

    I should clarify that while your video seems to show how the MultiTouchVista project can be used to simulate multiple touches, I’d like to get it up and running on real hardware.


    – Brock

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