XNA UK Bar Camp 21st March

XNAaAre getting ready to come to XNA Camp? We have a great selection of speakers AND creators club memberships to give away to attendees (4mths) and speakers (12mths). Everything in fact to get you building games or building more advanced games! With the new Community Games channel on Xbox Live you could also make some money!!!

The XNA UK user group is a great gang of hobbyists, students and professional games developers. Always happy to help fellow game builders the user group provides a wealth of experience and resources to tap into. Why not join us in Birmingham at the Aston Science Park between 09:30 and 18:00. I'm giving the opening session on recent XNA and related technology announcements, then we have an open floor for 20min sessions by attendees.

Some of the speakers confirmed include:

Peter McGann - author of the recent PC Plus XNA series.

Edward Powell - explaining XNA Game Components & Services

Andrew Griffiths - telling us some of the shader tech behind the game Encroach.

There are still a few more slots available so submit your presentation idea to SlotBooker@xna-uk.net and receive a 12month Creators Club membership after your presentation. Feel free to submit a XNA question you'd like answered by someone else!

Projector and sound system is all provided by the venue - just bring your laptop to present from and to take part in the LAN party!

Register at: http://xna.icentrum.co.uk

Arrival time: 09:30

Kick off at: 10:00

A light buffet and refreshments will be available - sponsored by Microsoft. 

Hard close at: 18:00

Venue address:


Aston Science Park

Faraday Wharf

Birmingham   B7 4BB

Car parking is available underneath this building in a pay and display.

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