1st XNA UK user group bar camp – registrations now open!

The first ever XNA UK user group bar camp is taking place on the 21st March at iCentrum in Birmingham. Book your attendance here.

There are 12 slots that can be pre-booked if you want to show off your latest XNA game for peer review, your latest coding/effect technique or even want to seek input on an XNA coding challenge you are facing! Each session lasts 20mins max (inc. setup).

You can pre-book a session or suggest a session topic by emailing slotbooker@xna-uk.net

The days agenda looks like this:


09:30 Arrival and last chance to book a slot

10:00 Microsoft session on XNA and Community Games

11:00 Session time

15:00 LAN Party!!

18:00 Close


We will have the latest beta of Beatnik's Plain Sight to play during the lan party amongst some other games. This is also an excellent opportunity to use the iCentrum network for what they do best - testing! If you have an XNA multi-player game you'd like to test during the LAN party then please let us know by emailing slotbooker@xna-uk.net so we can work the details out.

If you are new to or an old hand at XNA development there will be lots to discuss, learn and play with. So book your place now!!!

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