Kanban: Scrum-ban

Scrum-ban: http://leansoftwareengineering.com/ksse/scrum-ban/. "The idea of using a simple task board with index cards or sticky notes is as old as Agile itself. A simple variation of this is a task board with a simple Pending -> In Process -> Complete workflow....Names can be associated with the cards to indicate who’s working on what....A problem with the basic index-card task board is that there is nothing to prevent you from accumulating a big pile of work in process....Control the number of cards in circulation. If all of the available cards are already in circulation, then the next person who comes looking for one is just going to have to wait until one returns. This is the very purpose of the kanban system....In our case, we simply write the quantity of kanban in circulation on the task board, and allocate new cards according to that limit....You might have a simple principle like: prefer completing work to starting new work, or you might express that as a rule that says: try to work on only one item at a time, but if you are blocked, then you can work on a second item, but no more....Another enhancement we can make...is to add a ready queue between the backlog and work-in-process. The ready queue contains items that are pending from the backlog, but have high priority...as soon as somebody becomes available, they should take one of these tasks instead of picking something out of the general backlog."

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  1. bogdan.nedelcu says:

    Combining the task board with a sharepoint blog creates a nice infrastructure to practice kanban on a sharepoint portal site.

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