What’s going on with Patrick?

Wanted to put out  a short post to update the community on why I've been absent and plans for the future. Long story short we've got great things coming up for Patterns and Practices client side development!

First, on a personal note I've been on family leave spending time with my new son. It has been a fantastic opportunity and I am very thankful to Microsoft for allowing me this time. And that's why I haven't been as responsive as usual or put out a new release recently. But it is almost time to get back to work - so wanted to provide everyone a very rough outline of what is upcoming since I've been radio silent.

Second, here is a short list of what is upcoming:

  • When I get back I'll be reviewing the issues list and merged PRs and cutting a release pretty quickly. That will be 3.0.2 of sp-pnp-js. Expect that by the end of November.
  • Next I'll be working on docs for the new libraries which are a dependency for our first release (won't go live without at least basic docs). Aim is to have the new work out by the end of the year.
  • And finally we'll begin transferring development efforts to the new library for future updates. We are committed to maintaining the existing library (sp-pnp-js) for 6 months but that will consist of bug fixes only. Don't stress about this yet, we'll have more details as well as a detailed transition guide available when appropriate. We will of course continue to accept PRs from folks wishing to make contributions to sp-pnp-js.

So that's it - but wanted to let folks know where I've been and what we have upcoming. Hope everyone had a good few months and look forward to reengaging with everyone in the SharePoint development community.


Comments (2)

  1. Kenny Duenke says:

    Congratulations, Patrick!

    New library?! I must have pressed paused for too long! Where can I find more details about a new library?

    1. Hi Kenny – the new library is an evolution of the existing sp-pnp-js code to enable future growth and give developers more options when importing our code. You haven’t missed anything yet as we haven’t done a release, and we’ll have plenty more details upcoming. Thanks!

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