PnP JSCore 3.0.1 (sp-pnp-js@3.0.1)

We are pushing a quick release of the sp-pnp-js library to 3.0.1 to address two blocking issues for folks. Apologies for the issues and any disruption this caused - please keep giving us the excellent feedback so we can resolve things like this quickly. Would ask that you please upgrade any 3.0.0 installations to avoid these issues.

New Features

  • Support for /_api/web/getsubwebsfilteredforcurrentuser [Issue] [PR]

Fixes & Updates

  • Returned the exports to the root. [Issue] [PR]
  • Added missing dependency in package.json [Issue] [PR]

What is the JS Core Component?

The Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library was created to help developers by simplifying common operations within SharePoint and the SharePoint Framework. Currently it contains a fluent API for working with the full SharePoint REST API as well as utility and helper functions. This takes the guess work out of creating REST requests, letting developers focus on the what and less on the how.

“Sharing is Caring”

Comments (2)

  1. DSK says:

    Hi Patrick, Thank you for your service. I just tried 3.0.1 in my angular 2 project and getting the following error.
    Unexpected token < in JSON at POSTION 0 at JSON.parse (). and i using this against on-premise. i just tried the below statements and got this error.
    Any help appreciated.

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest in the library. Please have a look at this wiki section that should help get you going. You likely need to setup the verbose json.

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